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Do you have an idea you would like programmed into an MT4 EA, Indicator or Script?


MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) is an integrated programming language. It is used for developing technical indicators, scripts and trading strategies that allows you to trade more efficiently and profitably across the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

All these programming tools can significantly enhance the traders abilities when trading in the Forex or CFD markets.

Fast MT4 Coding MetaTrader 4 programming

MQL4 is a high-level object-oriented programming language based on the popular С++ programming language.

The operation speed and extreme flexibility of the programming language allow you to develop very complex programs that can handle a very large amount of calculations at lightning speed!

MQL4 contains a large number of built in functions which make it easy for analyzing current and previously received quotes. You can also customize these built in functions and create new ones completely from scratch!

Fast MT4 Coding MetaTrader 4 programming Indicator Divergence Scanner


One of the most impressive features of the MetaTrader 4 platform is their Algorithmic Trading abilities.

Algorithmic Trading simply means having some pre-defined trading rules written in a language that the computer can understand and act on. Your algo trading system will also need to integrate with things like, bank accounts, data feeds, trading liquidity and security programs. These all need to tie in and talk to one another to make a profitable trading system.

MT4 does all this with ease! The algorithmic trading strategies built on MT4 are commonly called Trading Robots, or Expert Advisors (EA’s for short).

These EA’s operate without the participation of the trader. Once they are programmed and setup correctly, they will trade per their programmed rules 100% automatically. This offers the trader many advantages.

Probably the top 3 benefits of would be:

  • Emotions. Automated trading removes emotions. Computers don't care if you won or lost your last trade…
  • Time freedom. Not only do you not have to sit in front of the screen to watch for setups and place trades, you can also trade more markets and more hours. Trade 24 hours a day across 100’s of markets with ease!
  • Speed and accuracy. Once the trading robot is programmed, they can act at lightning fast speeds and very accurately. Sure you can get technical errors from time to time, but if you have your system is setup correctly these can be minimized and will still be a LOT less than human errors.

Programming Services

Our Programming Services include programming in the main MetaTrader Language MQl4. Don't have MT4 installed yet, click here to create a free demo account and download the MetaTrader platform.

MT4 Programming

MT4's MQL4 language is one of the key features of MetaTrader 4. This is mostly because This allows its customers to develop, test and apply Expert Advisors (EA's), scripts and technical indicators. And the core MQL4 object-oriented programming language is ideal for Algorithmic trading (automated trading). In short, MT4 offers high efficiency, flexibility and functionality.

Programming services offered by Fast MT4 Coding for MQL4 (Metertraders MT4 coding language):

  • Indicators
  • Scripts
  • Expert Advisors (EA's)
  • Local Trade Copiers
  • Server Based Remote Trade Copiers
  • Custom Reporting
Fast MT4 Coding Mt4 Programming

To get started with your new MT4 programmed project, simply fill out the form on the Request a Quote page.


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